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Nextcloud 18.0.4 running on webhosting provider here. For some reason (and I’d rather not comment on the ethics of it), any Nextcloud folder I share shows the ad “Get your own free account” at the bottom of the page. I checked and tried to follow the advice given on a couple of posts on this forum, to no avail. In short:

I can’t find a “config.php”. All I have is a “config.sample.php” (plz see screenshot

and editing the line “‘simpleSignUpLink.shown’ => true,” to “false,” does not produce any result: the ad is still there…

can you please help? thanks.

Nextcloud needs to be spread all over the world.
This Advertising can be disabled by modifying your config.php.
Helas you don’t have it… you should ask first your provider. There is maybe a tweak where this file isn’t there or maybe on another location or forbidden for you to access.

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found “config.php” and edited accordingly.
Thanks for your help!

Where it was hidden ?

it wasn’t hidden. It was just me looking out for it in the wrong place :slight_smile: