Get the creator of a file/folder in a shared directory based on WebDAV client API


I have a shared folder s in which user u can create a directory d. The goal is to move directory d out of the cloud to a server location and to send a confirmation email to user u that his directory d has been transferred. The confirmation mail includes the hashes/filenames of all files/subdirectories in directory d. This all is already automated in python by using the pyocclient library, which in turn depends on the nextcloud WebDAV client api (Webdav — Nextcloud 14 Developer Manual 14 documentation).

Problem: to derive the name of user u with Web-DAV client api

Details: With WebDAV client api a PROPFIND request can be used to derive the tag “{}owner-id” for directory d. Unfortunately this only returns the username of folder s since obviously the person who shares folder s (that’s me as an admin) automatically becomes the owner of all files/directories created at this place. If I had the proper username I could derive his email with the OCS API. So there’s a missing link between WebDAV client api and OCS API or I’m too blind to see the obvious solution.

Feature request: add a tag to the WebDAV client api to derive the creator of a file/folder for legitimated users (users who have access to shared folder s)

Workaround used at the moment: The information I’m looking for is already available in the notifications api (notifications/ at master · nextcloud/notifications · GitHub) with a message like “user u created folder d”. It is very tedious to query this api for folder d and since it’s impossible to know how many notifications must be queried a lot of time/resources are consumed.

I already searched for help on this topic under WebDAV: derive creator of a subfolder in a shared folder but received no response.