Get rid of users from removed LDAP server

I have an old LDAP server in nextcloud, now I add a new one, I can see a new users from a new LDAP server together with an old users. It is OK. Now, when I deleted an old LDAP server, and go to admin - users, I can see only new users - it is OK.
But when I try to search users, I can found all users from old LDAP connection.
The same bug when I try to share some files or dirs, I have there new users and old users. When I choose an old user I get an error message.
I take a look in to my database, there are all users remains in tables oc_accounts or oc_ldap_user_mapping. I tried to delete them manualy, but no luck. Still remains in nextcloud.
Any tips how can I get rid of all users from deleted LDAP server ?