Get pictures of the contacts from public profiles

Hi all, I’m migrating all my contacts from Google to my own Nextcloud instance. I successfully imported all my contacts and I’m using the Davx5 app on my smartphone.

However, I miss the function to get automatically the picture of a contact if he/she has a public profile somewhere (something that Google does for free).

Does a similar feature exists in the Contacts app?

Afaik the Contacts app doesn’t contain a function to include the profile data. You need to create a copy of the contacts in your personal address book if you want to sync such a contact.
The pros and cons of the integration of the system address book have already been discussed here and the decision has been felt not to implement such a function due to big privacy concerns.

Thanks, but I’m not thinking about the system address book.
I’d like a function that gets the picture from an external profile and sets it as the contact image if a person has a twitter handle, a gmail address, or something similar that exposes it.

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That’s not possible, you have to fetch it on your own and upload it to Nextcloud.

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