Get notification

Not a lot of topics yet so I hope somebody will look at my beginners question.

Is it possible to have a notification/email when a new poll is created in a “circle” or a group?
If so how should I configure?

The idea is that all teammembers in a group or a circle get notified when a poll is started or created or updated.
I know you have the flag to get notified on a poll but this is only when you open the poll and already know that it is there.

Thanks in advance for your help




sorry, I’m not really using the forum. Maybe I should come by here more frequently…

Back 2 Topic:
It is currently not possible to get notified once a new poll is created. But maybe this is a feature (as opt-in) for a later release.
Best would be if you can open a new issue on github so it can be tracked there. If you have no github account let me know and I’ll open one for you :slight_smile: