Get mp4 recording into Nextcloud

Hello everyone,

I use the BigBlueButton NextCloud App and this Git to get the MP4 into NextCloud
I make a Git to do that
I want check if all is working good, so if want to try and let me know, in case.

Thank you

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Welcome to the Nextcloud universe. :wave:

Thanks for sharing your scripts with us. Great work. I looked brief at it and I think it would be great if you could converse those scripts to an nc application, because I think it would simplify a lot. Have fun.


Thank you for your welcome.

The Nextcloud App is on my list but i don’t kown how to make the link between the servers yet. And there is not function in the BBB API to get the video.mp4. It’s mean a big dev for my skills :wink: . Let’s see in for the next version.

But thank you for your app, it’s very simple and efficient.

Read this Link

ffmpeg command for creating mp4 Files