Get back remember me without killing external files

is there a way to bend the files_external plugin in a way that I can get remember me back?
I think it is really annoying that it kills that feature and I honestly would prefer admin/user choice.

cant anyone help?

Nope currently not possible. But it is being worked on for NC12

This is nice. By the way, do you know why Remember me doesnt work with external files right now?
iirc it did work back on Owncloud 6.

It is because the various backends need special login data. Now we don’t want to leave that unencrypted on the server so we need your password to unlock.

okay, well that makes sense, well partally, I mean how is it supposed to remember the password on each request. is it posting over the Password in a cookie or whatever?

judging this, the encryption plugin probably also kicks remember into oblivion, right?

It seems to be fixed in nc 12.


this is great to know. thanks for the heads-up

Seems like this is an issue in NC15 again. It says it in the docs too:

All I’m using is the support for adding local storages on different drives, so there’s no login credentials for the storages needed.
Wouldn’t it make more sence to only disable the remember me feature when storages that require credentials are in use?