German Umlauts replaced when uploading from Windows

Using a hosted nextcloud 25.0.2 (so I have no idea about their OS and php versions), with Contacts app 5.0.2, I run into this problem:

On my local machine, I have a text VCF file (created by a very old legacy app) containing all my contacts, many of them including German umlauts (äüÖß). They look fine on Windows, but when imported to the NC Contacts app, all umlauts are replaced by some special graphics character.

There are more fields in the VCF, but here’s a fake including umlauts in the name:

FN:Ümläuteriß, Hanno

The entries import without issues (no log entries related to the import), but of course correct spelling of names and adresses will be nicer…

I know this is an issue of Windows using another character encoding compared to NC using UTF-8, but I have no idea how to fiddle with the import file enough to turn it into a file encoded using UTF-8. I feel I’m missing some very basic information about the encoding stuff…

Danke & Grüße von

Most likely this is an OS related issue and not a Nextcloud one. Modern servers are using utf-8 file encoding, but old Windows systems are using e.g. cp-1252 etc. Check the file encoding and make sure that it is in utf-8 format before importing it into Nextcloud.