German Umlaute in Files App

I have a problem with special characters in names of files or folders, witch were doesn’t created with the files-app.
These files came through download on the harddisk of my homeserver. The folder containing the downloaded files are configured as “local” external storage in my nextcloud.
Files and folders with german “umlaute” created by nextcloud in the files-app appear in the file listings. Other files and folders (from download) are ignored by the occ-file-scan.

While file-scan in debug mode the following messages appear in nextcloud.log.
There have to be Lügen instead of L\u00fcgen and Hölle instead of H\u00f6lle for example.

{“reqId”:“X7LIb2Ci8jdOOkqp3leZ”,“level”:0,“time”:“2017-12-26T17:25:29+01:00”,“remoteAddr”:"",“user”:"–",“app”:“OC\Files\Cache\Scanner”,“method”:"–",“url”:"–",“message”:"!!! Path ‘Serien/Zoo/S02E06.Sex, L\u00fcgen und Quallen.mp4’ is not accessible or present !!!",“userAgent”:"–",“version”:“”}

{“reqId”:“X7LIb2Ci8jdOOkqp3leZ”,“level”:0,“time”:“2017-12-26T17:25:29+01:00”,“remoteAddr”:"",“user”:"–",“app”:“OC\Files\Cache\Scanner”,“method”:"–",“url”:"–",“message”:"!!! Path ‘Serien/Zoo/S02E10.H\u00f6lle in Helsinki.mp4’ is not accessible or present !!!",“userAgent”:"–",“version”:“”}

What file system are you using? Looks like your file name encoding is not working correctly (looks like utf-8:, you have to set this in your locales by using one with UTF-8 (

Have you set the default charset in your php.ini to UTF-8:

; PHP's default character set is set to UTF-8.
default_charset = "UTF-8"

Just found a similar message on an old bug report (didn’t read through it, so ignore this if it does not match your case):

I‘m using ext4.
Php, apache and mysql using utf8 coding - already checked that.

As there are other files with special character (e. g. äöü) visible in my files-app, it seems to has something to so with the files, not with the characters. I solved this for my case by renaming twice (once in filesystem, back to original file name in nextcloud).

For general solution i opened an issue at github:

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