German/English Nextcloud-Developer needed

Hi I’m the designer and manager of a Nextcloud / Privat Cloud / Privat Server
Projectmanagement and Communication Platform Project.

I’m looking for a developer which is available for the next 3 Month.
is this the right Forum to ask?

The Project will contain Filesharing/Filestorage, Video Conference, a Ticketsystem with documentation, and more.
Most of the available apps will be enough for the beta Version, but we need to adapt some features and also develope some new features for our Project.

Your profile:
You are german or at least very good english speaking.
You already have developed some cloud-services with nextcloud and apps or extensions for nextcloud.
You are a freelance-developer and work remotely.
You are available for the next 3 month and longer if successful.
You can start next week.

If you are interested and want to know more please reply with some references to:

Sorry, our Provider had some Server Issues and I could not recieve any mails last week…
Please try to contact me again on , I’m still searching for a developer… thanks

Meanwhile I can describe a little bit more about the work to do:

  • develope or extend the dashboard app,
  • configure
  • buid a custom ticketsystem (maybe with collabora?)
  • help with theming
  • extend the Folder-App (defined folderstructure etc.)

Thanks for your replies

I’ve now moved this to our new freelancing category and hope this will give your request more exposure.

Thanks, I’m still searching :slight_smile:


I could help you with the hosting part,
I can help you hosting Nextcloud and osTicket.

Let me know if that would help!

(I develop a bit of Nextcloud, it might help as well).