Generic question about upgrading OS will it break nextcloud?

Hi, been running nextcloud on ubuntu 20.04 server and snap install.

Snap has been updating nextcloud to latest version and seems to be working without problems that I know of.

Terminal messages always indicate to restart or apt update which I do from time to time.

However, there is a message about upgrade and upgrade --list.

If I apt upgrade will this break my nextcloud ?

Please advise.

It is possible. Make backups if you are not. It is critically important to protect your data, and you’ll want backups on a different disk or location.

Once you are making backups, make sure the process is automatic, so every day or hour. Search the forum or internet for many tools you can use.

Ok thanks
Currently I have RAID 5 with nextcloud sync app syncing to a network file storage but I know that’s not really the best way to go.
Probably an external USB storage image of some type may be better for me.

I would prefer a server duplicate at another location like family members house if there was a way to save disk image to remote.

Anyhow thanks I have some reading to do.

I hate to just backup everything only for the sake of a fresh install to a new updated OS.
I would prefer to attempt the apt upgrade for this if it can actually work.

So I’ll backup first then try. Thanks

That is a fine approach, but it depends on which packages you are actually upgrading. I recommend learning about how the snap process actually works so you’ll understand what is contained within the nextcloud snap as opposed to being a part of the basic apt process on the overall system. Hopefully they have some documentation (I do not use snap at all, so you’ll have to look it up).

Either way, just be sure you have backups before making system changes.