Generating passwords throws an error

I’ve recently tried the Passwords Nextcloud app, and it is working great, except for when I attempt to generate password. I receive the following error in the logs:

Is there a local library or application that I need to install for that functionality to work properly? I thought that it may be some library that Linux has that FreeBSD doesn’t natively ship with.

  • Nextcloud Version: 14.0.3
  • PHP Version: 7.2.12
  • Passwords Version: 2018.12.0
  • Browser and Version: Firefox 64.0
  • Client OS and Version: Windows 10
  • Server OS and Version: FreeBSD 11.2-RELEASE

Can you check your log again? Right before this error there should be another log entry which contains the actual exception.

Passwords tries to find a matching words service automatically. The passwords service requires a locally installed dictionary and/or access to a cryptographically secure source of randomness on your system.
You can check the currently used password generator in the admin settings.

I didn’t see the logs entries you mentioned, but I changed my password generator to and now the password generation is working correctly. I wonder what the local dictionary should be on FreeBSD, but at least it is working well now. Thanks for the hints!

The app expects a dictionary file available in /usr/share/dict/words. If that file exists it will automatically try to use it. I may also have to check if it is readable.

On my system, /usr/share/dict/words is readable.