General user list is incomplete


at the moment we have about 80 user accounts on our nextcloud 20.0.7 server.
When I open I´m only getting 28 users listet.
When I search for the user in the search field, I get them correctly shown in the search result.
But in the general user overview most of the accounts are not showing up.

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we have the same problem on NC 20.0.7. The users list includes only 60 of more than 300 users from modules: LDAP, database and guests. From the cli command “occ user:list” you can see all users. Only web interface is affected.

Users are also missing in groups view.

Help will be appreciated.


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does anyone else have this problem at the moment?

Yes. I have the same problem. I have 49 users synced via an AD Server. But the users list shows only 30. Also the the users in the groups are not shown correctly anymore.

This problem started after the update to NC 20.0.7


Hi, yes, i have the same problem, i have 26 users, but only 25 are shown. occ users:list shows all users, web interface only 25. I’m using Nextcloud 20.0.7

I added the unlisted user to a existing group on the console with
php occ group:adduser grp user

now i can see the user in the group list, but it is still missing in the “everyone” list. I need to add more users next week, also to the existing group (25 members now). I will come back here to do a report then.

20.0.8 seems to be released;
does anyone have the releasenotes to this version? I cannot find them atm;
perhaps the problem has been resolved with this version;

Well, i’ve good news, since the update to 20.0.8 the userlist is correct now.

yes, I can confirm, in 20.0.8 the userlist is showing correctly again;