General Data Protection Regulation (EU) issue, internal username in mouseover

Since the GDPE is now an issue ( and it is good that it exists ) there is one issue i would like to have addressed, or solved, the latter would be definitely a boon:

right now, when i prepare to share a file, and i enter the name into the search box, i see something like the following:

entering a piece of the name, like “muster” i get a result like:

Max Mustermann (

now i can change the 2nd part ( the email in this case to something else ),

which is exactly the way it is meant to be. however, additionally, if i move the mouse over the entry in the list, i also get the internal username hovering above ( like m.muster ). is there a way to stop showing the internal username which is pulled from our ldap-server.

an option to switch the hover/mouseover off, or to be able to show some other attribute would be very good.

the issue is less for our own service, but for the federated searches.