GDrive User Rate Limit

Hi there,

After some muddling, I successfully set up a Google Drive mount in Nextcloud 11 snap on Ubuntu 16.04 (OAuth, shared secret, etc.) and I can browse/download from nextcloud. however, uploading or using the desktop sync almost immediately hits Google’s user rate limit. despite seeing a few people with this problem on github/elsewhere I’m having a real hard time finding a solution. i’d be very grateful for some guidance. thank you, thank you.

Is there any progress to be expected with this in the foreseeable future?

Here, the error already sets in during the comparison of local and remote storage, without any actual transfer being needed. And this is with less than 300 files stored on Google Drive.

The problem is that the Owncloud/Nextcloud way of accessing Google Drive quickly exceeds the low quotas for queries-per-100-seconds Google is imposing on me as the one whose API authorization is used for credentials.

The issue is one of the last small items hampering the transition of my home/homeoffice IT from Windows to Linux, after everything else went rather well so far, including the migration of my Nextcloud appliance which had been residing in a VM under Windows to a real Linux machine which is now my primary home/homeoffice server.

In the VM, I simply included the already existing Google Drive sync folder of the Windows host as external storage, using a VirtualBox shared folder.

Now there is no official Google Drive sync for Linux, but there are quite a number of free and commercial sync solutions which include Google Drive sync – perhaps there’s workaround to find there?

Everything I’ve found so far seems to have some problems of itself:

  • grive2 (free) – no “real” background sync?
  • google-drive-ocamlfuse (free) – slow?
  • InSync (commercial) – converts Google Docs files to Microsoft Office formats on the fly (don’t know whether that’s configurable)??
  • GoodSync (free/commercial) – seems to be quite time-consuming to setup and maintain?
  • Others?

Is there perhaps already someone who’s successfully using such a setup?


Google Drive support is deprecated and is already removed from upcoming Nextcloud 13. Insync could be an alternative (for a single user/account, for multiple different users it will be very hard to setup/maintain/use) because they provide a headless client for server use.

I mark this as solved. Even though this is not a real solution, but the discussion now shifted on to creating a suitable gdrive app that would allow using gdrive as external storage:

Just for the record: I’ve “solved” my Google Drive integration needs by buying and installing Insync and including the Insync sync directory structure as external (local) storage. Insync’s ability to transparently sync Google Docs files as either Open Document or Microsoft Office formats seems quite nifty (if only to make the migration off of Google Drive/Google Docs even easier), by the way.