GDPR does not care about "you cant change the username ..."

ok, It seems I need to change the username: Art. 16 GDPR – Right to rectification | General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Perhaps its just the an excuse from the user to force me to do it - I dont care. I first refuse the change but he came up with “this” and I think he has a point.

I read about transfering files to a new user… etc so far so good.
What happends with shares?

My current “problem” user would be easy to recreate … but lets say I really need to change a username for nextcloud?

Is there all ready a discussion about how to do it anyways? I always read only “does not work…”

Any links or information would be apreciated. Perhaps my google-fu is just weak :wink:

There shall be asked the question, if the NC-username realy is a " inaccurate personal data" or if it’s just a pseudonym.
The Personal Data itself is stored as Name and can be changed…

Thank you for your input. I assure you the username contains personal data. I cant speak for anybody else but every company account “username” I ever had contained personal information. Usernames like “raketentimo” and “Gandalf73254” are mostly not ok with naming conventions.

So. I still need to change the username. If somebody has any exprience with that I appreciate any feedback.

In my opinion the Login Peter_Schmitt isn’t a personal Date meant by the DSGVO, also if the users name ist Peter Schmidt.

However, one or the other judge may see this differently than I as a lawyer