Gdpr compliance kit

Hello, someone know where i can find the gdpr appliance kit ?

thank you a lot


Theres no kit in one place.

Dokus you can find under the wihitepapers:

p.e. GDPR analysis

The GDPR offers a challenge for all enterprises looking to do business in Europe. European data centers as offered by Amazon, Dropbox or Microsoft are hardly a real solution: self-hosting is easier and safer.

GDPR Overview

Our GDPR Overview document offers a basic 12 step process to GDPR compliance, as part of our GDPR Compliance Kit. Customers can download the complementing GDPR Admin Manual on our customer portal.

and the apps you’ll find in the appstore…

Hi Soku, I tried to download it, but never came to me, I downloaded other whitpapers and them cam, but I didn’t find the app in the app store, that is the important for me

have a great weekend


The word kit is IMHO a bit over the top, in fact it’s several apps combined with the possibility of selfhosting, etc., which ultimately make up GDPR compliance

Configurable imprint and privacy links for your login page

Data Request app to allow users to request data deletion or modification from their user settings

Delete Account app to allow users to delete their account

Terms of Service app that only gives access to Nextcloud after users read and agreed to terms (handles updated terms as well)

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Thank you a lot Soko !