Gallery+ v15.1 released

This version should work on Nextcloud as long as you’re using PHP 5.5+. Let me know if you run into any issues.


  1. Go to your app store app in Nextcloud
  2. Disable Gallery
  3. Go to the Multimedia tab
  4. Enable Gallery+


Most of the features listed below are not available (yet) in the standard Gallery app which ships with Nextcloud.

galleryplus (15.1.0)

  • [security] Tokens give access to all the files owned by the sharer, so we need to have additional checks in place (@oparoz)
  • Add delete button to slideshow owncloud/gallery#649 (@manishbisht @oparoz)
  • Add “hide album” feature available from the [+] button owncloud/gallery#547 (@eknoes @oparoz)
  • Various fixes (@oparoz)

galleryplus (15.0.0)

Many thanks to the sponsors of new features and to the students who have collaborated while evaluating ownCloud as a GSoC project.

  • Drag and drop files and folders owncloud/gallery#405 (@oparoz)
  • Upload straight from the app owncloud/gallery#25 (@oparoz)
  • Show thumbnails as soon as they’re received owncloud/gallery#29 (@oparoz)
  • Add missing options in share dialogue owncloud/gallery#565 owncloud/gallery#213 (@imjalpreet)
  • Add flickr style gradients (@raghunayyar)
  • Full Album Name is now shown on hovering (@imjalpreet)
  • Fix the download button on public pages owncloud/gallery#554 (@imjalpreet)
  • Close the share dialogue when performing another action owncloud/gallery#545 (@viraj96)
  • PHP7 compatibility

What about the issue with “Move App”?

Move app is really necessary for me unless there is a good file management in NC.

The 1st step would be to open an issue in move asking that it stops loading its scripts everywhere.
The developer knows what he’s doing, so he should be able to easily fix the problem.


FYI, I’ve posted a fix here:

The dev simply needs to include it in his next release.


any possibility to add a feature to download a full directory (Zipped) right from the Gallery+ screens ??

  • similar to the download by picture in each picture screen… Would make things much easier instead of having to move back to File/Directory View and ticking and downloading from there…

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One problem is that you can’t select a bunch of images by ticking next to them, so it would be all or nothing.
The next problem is finding a location to add that button.
Check the list of issues to see if such a request already exists, but if not, please create one and maybe it might be implemented one day.

I can’t seem to find the Gallery+ app on Nextcloud Box by following above mentioned steps. Gallery works but is there a way to enable Gallery+?

I’m behind in terms of updates… Hopefully I will get it done in the coming weeks

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I am not sure what this means or even if this an answer to my question. Does it mean Gallery+ is currently not available for the Nextcloud box until you update it?

Where do I find this version for download? It doesn’t show up in my apps list and when I go to, there doesn’t seem to be any release that matches my Nextcloud 10.0.1

That’s because the app’s xml file says it’s not compatible, even though it probably is and I haven’t released new version which work specifically for Nextcloud. I’m hoping to change all this next week.

Confirmed, if I change the XML file I’m able to enable Gallery+ and it seems to be working just fine.

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“next week”

You mean… This week now as I reply? :grin:

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Looks like times flys - too quickly

soooo … whats going on with this app? I dont see a download link anywhere and its not in the nextcloud app list. Is there an official stable version for this on nextcloud yet?

I’m hoping to be able to find time during one of the coming week-ends to update it and publish it in the Nextcloud app store.


ah sweet … thanks for the update on this … I m looking forward to it!!

I am just curious, i’ve just installed nextcloud 11 but cant find galleryplus on multimedia section of app store. Am i missing something ?

It’s not yet been released to the app store

Is Gallery+ dead?

  • Any chance that it will make it to the app store again?
  • Any chance that it (or another app) will replace the Gallery app?
    The Gallery app is too basic and it is missing various essential features. Gallery+ seemed to be a good start for a much needed replacement.