Gallery+ v15.1.1 released

Available from the built-in app store.
This is a security and bug fix release.


  1. Go to your app store app in Nextcloud
  2. Disable Gallery
  3. Go to the Multimedia tab
  4. Enable Gallery+

This version requires PHP 5.5+. Let me know if you run into any issues.


Most of the features listed below are not available in the standard Gallery app which ships with Nextcloud 9.

galleryplus (15.1.1)

  • [security] Stored XSS on Share-popup of a directory’s Gallery-view (@lukasreschke)
  • Fix redirect loop on shared links when using a password #51 (@TDannhauer @oparoz)
  • Improve delete icon in slideshow (@manishbisht)

galleryplus (15.1.0)

  • [security] Tokens give access to all the files owned by the sharer, so we need to have additional checks in place (@oparoz)
  • Add delete button to slideshow owncloud/gallery#649 (@manishbisht @oparoz)
  • Add “hide album” feature available from the [+] button owncloud/gallery#547 (@eknoes @oparoz)
  • Various fixes (@oparoz)

galleryplus (15.0.0)

Many thanks to the sponsors of new features and to the students who have collaborated while evaluating ownCloud as a GSoC project.

  • Drag and drop files and folders owncloud/gallery#405 (@oparoz)
  • Upload straight from the app owncloud/gallery#25 (@oparoz)
  • Show thumbnails as soon as they’re received owncloud/gallery#29 (@oparoz)
  • Add missing options in share dialogue owncloud/gallery#565 owncloud/gallery#213 (@imjalpreet)
  • Add flickr style gradients (@raghunayyar)
  • Full Album Name is now shown on hovering (@imjalpreet)
  • Fix the download button on public pages owncloud/gallery#554 (@imjalpreet)
  • Close the share dialogue when performing another action owncloud/gallery#545 (@viraj96)
  • PHP7 compatibility

I have at the moment NC 10 beta in testing, works without problems for me - do you offer your app also for this NC 10 ?
Because in the apps, system don’t let me install the app from you:

Server version 9.0.99 or lower is required

Or is there maybe a fix to get it installed? If it works with NC10

Thanks in advance :wink:

Gallery+ is designed for older versions of Nextcloud, it should be available for NC10 at the end of this year, but in the mean time, you can use the bundled Gallery which has almost all the features included already.

You could also try to modify the version in the info.xml file, but there is no guarantee that it will work as is.

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