Gallery update to 15.1.1

Anyone know how to update the gallery app I’m using nextcloud 10.0.1 the gallery app says it’s 15.0.0 I heard there is a 15.1.1 out but can’t find how to update.
I say a article that said to go to apps, multimedia and activate it but it’s not in the list actually only one itemore is in the multimedia folder…

Don’t mix up two different apps.

There is the “official” Gallery application (version 15.0.0) and another Gallery + (version 15.1.1). they’re not the same… (i know, it’s confusing and developers shouldn’t do that AMHO)

… and beware of the ownCloud apps repo ! It’s full of shit. Better switch now to the nextcloud repos.

Ok cool thanks for the info I’m new here.
Yes I have nextcloud. Would 15.1.1 be better? If so how would I get it if it’s not showing in my app list?

Thank you
P.s. also is there a fix for the slow thumbnail generation issue I looked all over and couldn’t find anything…