Gallery missing Nextcloud 17 new installation

After a brand new installation which is working fine I realized that Gallery is totally missing.
Not installed, not found under not enabled apps.
Is there any know way to get back?
Can I manually install it?

Check if you can find a directory named β€œgallery” under β€œ[NC-DOC-ROOT]/apps”. If yes, the app should be available to be enabled. If no, download the latest archive file and extract the folder with all its files to the given directory.

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Thank you for your reply.
From what I see, gallery is not on the standard repository either. This looks for me the cause.

Maybe I have somehow messed on my installation. Really don’t know.
Trying to resolve I followed the instructions on the
but after cloning git to my apps the web interface prompts me that the app cannot be enabled because requires server version 18.
I used:

$ git clone

Any suggestion?

Follow my recommendation!

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Yes. Downloading the latest package and extracting to Nextcloud/apps folder is the fix.
Thank you for your support.