Gallery - how to hide/unhide single items?

Testing the Gallery app.
After uploading images in different directories I can see them, everything ok
Then I try with one dir what happens clicking + and Hide Album
Album is hidden, ok.
Then I try to unhide it. Under the + there is no unhide button.
I find a hidden file/dir .nomedia in the hidden dir. The file/dir .nomedia cannot be opened. Deleting it brings the files back into the gallery, but how can I unhide single items? Is it possible to hide single items in the first place? Or always only complete dirs?

Thanks for mentioning the .nomedia file Franz. I have the same issue (with Nextcloud 11) but removing the .nomedia file did not help. Restarting the web server, logging off- and on made no difference.
The problem seems to be limited to my user account & web access; the Android client and shared directories don’t seem to be affected.
Who can tell how to solve this?

I found the solution for my issue: occ files:scan --all. I removed the file from the filesystem, I just had to tell Nextcloud I had done so :slight_smile: