Gallery app much slower on NC 11.0


Just installed NC 11.0 and found that the Gallery 16.0 app shipped with this release is much slower to render images/thumbnails. With the NC 10.0 version it was more fast…
(no errors in the log)

Anyone else ?

I have the same problem. Long rendering times and no entries in the log file.

If we are a little more to have this issue, i will post on Github. :wink:
Actually it’s a “no-go” for me… nearly 30 sec. to load and/or generate 4 thumbnails…

Do it please :thumbsup:

Unrelated but useful to investigate, as of 11 we can do background preview generation which will ease the issue here, at least until this is resolved:

Following the above link, I entered the command:

sudo -u www php ./occ preview:pre-generate

and this is the response I received:

There are no commands defined in the “preview” namespace.

I added this command as a cron, but the command fails to run at the specified time and I am not getting anything in the log telling me why, but I am sure it is the same error message.

My system is Nas4Free 11 (FreeBSD 11) running PHP 7. The nextcloud instance is an upgrade from nextcloud 10, which was an upgrade from an owncloud instance that goes back to release 6.


Duh. Never mind. I didn’t realize this was an app I had to download; I thought it was already in NC.

Hey, i have same problem…
I hope this issuse fix soon.