Future improvements to Calendar & Tasks& Contacts

I would like to know if there are any future plans (soon?) to improve the Calendar and Task and Contacts apps, and if so what is on the cards?

For example,

The current Contacts in NC has less information than the current OC version - namely the number of contacts in the addressbook along with the numbers allocated to each Group (shown in the left column).

It would be nice to see the tasks allocated to each Calendar - shown for example in a separate pane - like Thunderbird does where the tasks are shown in a column on the right of the calendar window.

Other possibilities would be the ability to show a Years calendar and/or a ‘list’ showing only appointments or events for the whole 12 month period from the date displayed.

The calendar and contact apps were completely rewritten after owncloud 8.2. You can follow the bugtracker for planned changes, the next milestone in the calendar seeks to implement these features:

If you have specific requests, you can verify on the bugtracker if someone requested them, if there is a milestone set and if there isn’t, you can open a feature request.

Thanks tflidd.

I realised that NC was still going to use the Calendar and Contacts from Owncloud (I assume the Tasks too) for a limited period, but I thought that from next year (V10?) on they were going to be different.

I never used the Calendar and Tasks apps for my OC installation as there were 2 other apps which I found more appealing (Calendar+/Tasks+) but the developer of these stopped updating when OC9 came out and as a result I did not upgrade OC from V8.
Not having used OC V9 I didn’t appreciate there was any significant changes to the apps that were in V8.

So my question really related to the future development of the apps in Nextcloud - which I thought from this OC forum post (here ) were going to be different.

Nextcloud and ownCloud share a lot of code and since their separation not so many things have changed. There is also an interest, to keep the backend stable that app developers don’t have to adopt a lot of things for the next release.
With apps, I expect ownCloud 9.1 and Nextcloud 10 to be more or less compatible.