Fulltextsearch 1.3.6 api.search is not a function in browser console

Hello, I am using the plugin in version 1.3.6 and I am getting this error message (api.search is not a function) in the browser console when I try to use the search bar. However, the plugin is working divinely if you enter its search page.

which browser are you using ?

Iā€™m using a Google Chrome 78

I found one to make fulltextsearch work, I disabled the desktop search plugin and now it only works through the fulltextsearch application. For that I commented all the contents of the file fulltextsearch / js / fulltextsearch.v1.searchbox.js and line 150 of the file fulltextsearch / js / fulltextsearch.v1.settings.js. It was not the correct solution, but it was what I got for now.nextcloud_fulltextsearch_desabilitado

After a lot of research and breaking my head, I realized that the problem occurs when the circles plugin for the nextcloud is active, deactivating it solved my problem.