Fulltextsearch 1.1.3 NC 14.0.4


I have the following problem. We installed NC and ES as docker containers. So far everything runs smoothly. Every 15 minutes I run the command “docker exec --user www-data nc php occ fulltextsearch:index” by cronjob. Once a week the index is deleted with the command “docker exec --user www-data nc php occ fulltextsearch:reset” and rebuilt with the command “docker exec --user www-data nc php occ fulltextsearch:reset”. After a short time the index is also updated. Unfortunately not all files and their contents are indexed. Does anyone have a hint on what this could be?

Thanks a lot!

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:index should only be run for the first index,or to re-sync your index, or to manage errors.

You should not put that command in cron as your index will be keep up-to-date (in a lighter way, as it will only re-index modified/created document) using the cron system set up for your Nextcloud.

Thank you for your comment. So the index built it automaticly after the :index command, isnt it?

So what is the reason that the index doesnt known the old files? When I reset the index and create the index new, then the files are not all in the index. How can it fix this problem?