Fullscreen video playback in v25

It looks like v25 broke fullscreen video playback on iPhones. It seems to work perfectly on safari on an iPad - but not on my iphone mini. On the phone i get the header/footer in portrait mode with the video not centered, and just a thin black bar in landscape. I saw some stuff about full screen playback in the 25.0.3 release notes but upgrading to that doesnt seem to change the behavior at all.

Could it be somthing specific to the mini? i dont have a full size iphone to test on. any advice or custom CSS i could put in would be appreciated.

It is not only on Iphone Mini. It’s on Ipad and Samsung Android browser too. Edge, Chrome work fine on Android but we get video issues on Iphone / Ipad. I too read about a fix with 25.0.3 release but the video issue is still in place.

25.0.6 still no joy on iPhone Mini :frowning:

Yea still broken on 27. Its a shame because this worked PERFECTLY on 24 and earlier.

Ugh - more updates, and the github issue i flagged with a completely reproducible step by step instruction to demonstrate it was also changed to fixed, but as anybody with an iphone, nextcloud, and an mp4 can verify - fullscreen playback is still completely, unusably broken.