Full transparency on who works for the gmbh

I think it would be a good idea to find a way to clearly indicate if a person we’re interacting with belongs to the gmbh or not. On Github, a team could be created. On here, I don’t know.

I think this could create barriers, but maybe we could have a employee badge here in the forum. Creating a team on GitHub would have less sense, because this would be something which is only visible to people being in the organization themself. :wink:

Volunteers (contributors) are part of the Github organisation and as such can see teams and their members.

What is the benefit to know about the work status? Employee of GmbH or not? Do you want to increase trustlevel for employee answers?

That’s one reason, yes.

I agree with this idea, I believe it’s a large part of the openness. Of course private details shouldn’t be shared :smiley:

If we re introduce the users/contact/developers section on the Nextcloud website, then IMO a badge would be sufficient.


cc @jospoortvliet @frank

Yeah, so we will have a list of employees on our website and ppl can see it in the personal details but I don’t want to do some badge thing, like the employees are special or something. Transparency is fine but let’s not push it in people’s face.


Yeah – I agree that it should be visible on some page just as disclaimer and to be able to hold people accountable. However we are all the community, be it paid to work fulltime on the project (by whichever company btw) or volunteers.