Full Text Search working properly for anyone?


Is this full text search actually working properly for anyone? It doesn’t seem to work for me. The indexing (which seems to be slow and buggy) is running more than 24 hours now for - yet I do not get any search results in NC.

It is also very annoying that there are no configuration options to define black- and whitelists, i.e. to skip certain folders and/or file typtes etc.

So where to start to investigate? Should I wait another 24 hours? When is the search expected to return any results in NC?

Is it expected behaviour that the search (in the NC UI) is not functional as long as the indexer is running?

I don’t get it… this feature is available since NC10 or so and I would consider a full text search a fundamental/basic feature of NC but it still isn’t working flawlessly… “Very sad” ;-/

Results on the UI are expected at the end of the first index, to keep the default search working. There is still some tools on the command line to compare the content of your files with the one in the index.

Also, the index should display enough information on the progression of the process. Please provide real feedback regarding which process is taking so long, and the size of your filesystem.