Full Text Search NO RESULTS in the NC UI

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System: Nextcloud 19.0.2 Docker
AMD64 Ryzen 5 3600 with 32 GB
Full text search, Tesseract activated
Elasticsearch 7.6.2 Docker installed
Test sudo -u www-data occ fulltextsearch: test works
Test sudo -u www-data occ fulltextsearch: check works

I reset the old index with sudo -u www-data occ fulltextsearch: reset

Now I have started the indexing with sudo -u www-data occ fulltextsearch: index. After an excruciatingly long two days (10,000 PDF documents and certainly 60,000 photos) the indexing ended with OK. I then searched for a file under Nextcloud using the search function and … unfortunately no result was displayed.

It is possible that the error reported by Fulltextsearch: No response in NC UI has still not been fixed.

Obviously the indexing is either not communicated, so that no result is communicated to me during the search, or there is another error.

Many thanks for your help



After two more days of frustrated searching for a bug, I turn to the forum again and hope that one of you can help me and give me a hint on how to fix it.

It’s totally frustrating when a core FullTexTSearch app doesn’t work. I am certainly not using the search function alone, so that others should either be affected by the problem or have found a solution.

I would be very happy about a short help.


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@all @Cult

Am I the only one having this problem or the only one that considers it a problem?

Many thanks for your help



No i have the same problem for month.
My check, test and index are working ok.

I even tested my elastic result doing a direct get request on the server and I have results, but I get back to the NC UI, nothing is displayed for the same request.

I’m still searching for a solution.
Let me know if you found something before me.

Good luck to you!

I have the same problem. It’s frustrating. :frowning: Elasticsearch is running on a separate Server if it helps !?