Full text search : no admin panel?

Hi everybody,

So elasticsearch is running well on an debian 9 server.

I try to install the extension fulltextsearch_elasticsearch 5 or 6 or 6.1 in Nextcloud 13. I can activate / deactive the extension in the menu application without any problem. But, i can’t configure the extension because, there are no entry in the Administration panel… it looks as if there is something wrong in the activation… and I see nothing in the logs.

Any Ideas


You enabled the 3 apps in your Nextcloud ?

Thanks for your reply… I uploaded files in “apps” directory as usual… Excuse me for my ignorance but what is meaning with “3 apps” ?

Full text search is the core apps that contains the admin panel. To index your files, you will need :

  • Full text search
  • Full text search - Files
  • Full text search - Elasticsearch

No ! I did’nt ! I missed one ! Excuse me ! Many thanks ! It runs now ! Great !

(But I can’t find any pagination button when there are few pages of results. Is it a known issue ?)

you should see arrows on the top right corner of the results, with the current page and the total number of pages

You’re right !

I can’t see them but the link exist when the mouse is over !

By clicking on the right or on the left of the current page and total number, arrows are visible in black !

thanks for your explanation and thanks for all. You make a so great job

The way the result are displayed will change in a future release. I am hoping this will fix this issue.