Full text search in IOS app


I’ve read Search feature in the iOS app? about search coming available in the IOS app when the server runs Nextcloud 12. So I installed the beta and yes, now I can search in the IOS app on the document name. But I want to search for text in the document (using nextant) and that doesn’t work. It works on my laptop in the browser.

I’m using:

As mentioned it works in the browser, seems the app isn’t ready for full-text-searching ?


  • When searching in the browser it does a POST to /index.php/apps/nextant/ajax/search.php .
  • When searching in the IOS app it soes a SEARCH to /remote.php/dav

So that kinda explains the different behaviour. Any plans on updating the app ?

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I’m very much interested in full text search capabilities being added to the iOS app as well. Looks like the guidance for adding FTS to the latest version of Nextcloud is not to use nextant anymore, but Elasticsearch. That’s what I have installed on my instance. Could this be considered as an improvement for a future version of the iOS app?

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