Full text search - Files breaks OnlyOffice

Hi all,

after upgrading to Nextcloud 18 and switching form Collabora to Onlyoffice I noticed that Onlyoffice was not working so I did a clean install on a backup machine and re-enabled all plugins. I noticed that the “Full Text Search - Files” plugin breaks Onlyoffice. After enabling said plugin you can neither create or viewdocuments. Disabling solves that immediately. All other elasticsearch Plugins including OCR work fine.

Nextcloud: 18.0.0 and 18.0.0 RC2
Documentserver: 0.1.2
Onlyoffice Connector: 4.1.1


Thnx for sharing, helped a lot with investigating the problem after upgrade to NC18.

After three-days headbanging trying to find out why OnlyOffice is not firing-up finally the break through: After disabling “Full Text Search - Files” OnlyOffice is working as expected. I can confirm this.

Thank you, jsdfkljklj, for this helpful hint.

I can confirm this also. I hope they can fix it for FTS

Can also confirm that disabling full text search allows onlyoffice to work properly

Thanks for the report, I will have a look into this !

Issue should be fixed in 1.4.1

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@Cult, yes it is fixed. Thank you so much!

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