Full Text Search - Elasticsearch - search result for administrators only

Dear sirs,
I have a problem.
Elastic Search works fine. Indexes both local files and files on external storages.
But full-text search results are shown only to users in the admin group.
For users of other groups, the result is nothing found.
For example, if User1 is in the group of admin and searches for the word “test”, then the files are located.
If this User1 is removed from the group of admin, then the result is no longer there. Although he still has access to files containing the word “test”.
What could be the problem?
NC 18.0.3
Full text search - Elasticsearch Platform - 1.5.1
Full text search - 1.4.1
Full text search - Files - 1.4.2

I have exactly the same problem, but with the original search engine and external smb shares (Nextcloud 20.0.2). Search results are only working for admin users, normal users get no results.

Anyone an idea how to fix this?
Thank you.

I completed the installation only to find the same problem. It seems that it works only for admins.

In this page they claim “The configuration regarding all app you just installed can be done from the Admin Settings page, in the Full text search tab”. So the users have the search icon, but obviously, they can’t configure their index.

By the age of the above complaints, it seems nobody cares and use their accounts as admins and have no users, which is kind of surprising.

What a wild claim.

Probably not many “users” are complaining about the latter to their admins thus many admins are simply not aware of the described shortcomings with Elastic Search on Nextcloud.

Anyway, this seems to be a bug the devs are also not aware of. Best is to open an issue with the bug tracker on GitHub.

A correction: after the first indexing, it is working for users, despite the fact that users can’t configure the fulltextsearch. For anyone installing in Nextcloud 22, I recommend this site. I found this site just after I installed it by opening multiple readmes which reminded me of a matryoshka doll style maze.