Full Storage-Nextcloud on Truenas

I installed Nextcloud on Truenas Core i created few useres.
now the main User ncadmin (aka me) has an unlimited quote.
but in my “users” it seems i will run out of storage…
now i check in truenas nextcloud jail and i have only one main directory which is root and it shows only 3% taken (out of 2.3 TB).
what should i do?

You can adjust user quotas under admin settings on top right.

But every user i gave an unlimited quote…
why it show i will run out of storage?

I changed my everyone quote to random (i made mine 1.2 TB and all other 145 GB).
Now the problem seems to go away
Thank you for the help

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I recommend also looking through the documentation and forums of Truenas since it is providing your storage for Nextcloud.