Full installation on a shared website

I’m preparing an host with several webapps, and one of these will be NC. I was trying the easy approach, with a package including all the fancy stuff. I used to remember there was a Docker image, but now I see the official way is to use a snap. Unluckily I see there’s an open issue which prevents the package from being installable on a port different than 80, but on the standard port I’d like to have nginx with all the other apps as well.

So is there any other option which will allow me to use a prepackaged NC with all dependencies and requirements for the main features (like file editing, redis…)?

The options which came to my mind:

  1. install nginx on another port (even 443), and proxy /nextcloud to the snap on port 80
  2. install a docker image which would allow a different port, and still proxy via nginx
  3. manually install everything (which is probably not that bad)

Any suggestion?

Pre-packaged environments are only good for the most simplistic of setups. I’d go with option 3.