FTP folders cannot be deleted and wrong size volume display

FTP added and everything work fine, well almost everything: I can create folders and upload files, but cannot delete Folders, deleting files works. And the other issues is that the files are 4,697,620,480 MB but the value displayed shows 384MB.

There is a template requesting certain information by default…
Can you delete folders when you connect manually to this ftp server?

Yes, that was the first think that I tried. FTP permissions are setup correctly.


uploading via web interface to FTP location, as you can see the files volume are correct on FTP and if downloaded straight from FTP the size is good. But when I`m downloading them from nextcloud, the size volume is 384MB.

Update, when uploading on the local storage the volume size is correct, this issues is related only to the FTP upload.

And if I use the GUI to move the file to FTP the volume size is correct also. So the issues is when uploading direct to FTP, the file size is wrong…

any help?