Frustrating inconsistencies between iOS and Android clients

With the recent Dropbox change limiting accounts to 3 clients I’m desperately seeking a replacement for our family.

I was hoping that would be Nextcloud, but there are frustrating differences between the iOS and Android clients.

We keep a lot of notes in text files…Shopping lists, etc, that are shared and anyone can edit.

This worked great with Dropbox. You tap a text file, it opens, you edit it, you save it, you’re done.

This pretty much works great with the IOS and web clients. The problem is the Android client doesn’t support this very well. It doesn’t save the default app, it doesn’t open in an editor, just a viewer, so it’s more steps to edit the file. Then of course saving the file is a big mess to sync it back. Not very family friendly.

So along comes Collabra. So I try now with an ODT file. Amazingly, this works pretty decent with .odt files on the Android client. But ODT files aren’t supported by the web or iOS clients.


It’s really frustrating when a project doesn’t maintain consistency between it’s clients.

@ios @Andy @jospoortvliet
perhaps a good point to discuss for the next contributor week…

But ODT files aren’t supported by the web or iOS clients.

Please ?

Hi @VirtualCloud
you can switch to xlsx/docx.
This works for android and ios with collabora.