Frustrating auto-upload from ios


Hi all,

I’m auto-uploading just over 10k images and videos from iOS to nextcloudpi. I have an RPi3 running nextcloudpi and a USB HDD. The iOS upload is over WiFi on both devices. I started this project about 3-4 weeks ago so I’m using up-to-date versions of all the software. Let me know if you need specifics.

I have 2 issues:

  1. Duplicate uploads regularly get stuck in a loop on auto-upload, halting other transfers. Most times I open the app for it to auto-upload, I have to manually monitor the transfers, open the containing folder of the looping files and then stop the duplicate uploads. Ballpark I’d say 1/10 transfers needs manual attention. The upload speed is good, it’s the queuing which seems to be the problem.

  2. Its taken me a couple of weeks to get down to around 3k uploads left. Last night my iOS app was updated. Auto-upload stopped. I’ve now turned it back on and it says over 10k uploads are in the queue.

1 Is there a config somewhere to say ‘don’t upload a file which is already there.’

2 Is there a ‘check the existing database and sync only’ rather than ‘start again’ option?



Actually I’ve just noticed issue 3…

Troubleshooting why my phone (ios 12.1.4) is giving me storage errors.

The app says:
App size: 41.8MB
Documents & data: 23.68GB !!!

Have I been uploading to the app and not the NextcloudPi!?