Frustrated by a conversation? Mute a topic to stop seeing replies

If you are frustrated by a topic and do not want to see the replies… you can Mute that topic.

Mute a topic you’ve replied to.

  1. Select the Bell icon on the far right of the topic.
  2. Change your interest in reading between:
  • Watching - See and get a notification for every response.
  • Tracking - See number of replies listed when viewing unread topics feed.
  • Normal - only @mentions and direct replies
  • Mute - You will never be notified and the topic is removed from your latest feed.

This is an easy way to step away from a conversation, especially when it is distracting or frustrating you. I encourage you to try this and adjust your topic settings to whatever makes you most comfortable.

Can I view my muted topics if I decide to?

Yes, by visiting

Can I adjust how I see topics I’ve posted in by default? Yes!