Front-end testing

Hi guys,
I’m taking a university course on the basics of software testing (seriously, total beginner stuff here). As part of it, I need to choose an app, preferably a web app, to write some basic automated front-end tests for.
Is this something that might be useful to NextCloud? If so, have any automated front-end tests been written already, is there a guide I should follow, how do I submit my tests, and what would be most useful to write tests for? If not, could you point me to a piece of open-source software where it would be useful?

P.S. There doesn’t seem to be a QA category or tag in this forum. Am I right to include this in the dev category? Is there a QA team behind NextCloud?

QA at Nextcloud seems mostly focused on community beta testing and unit tests which are part of the code. ownCloud has a way more formal QA program - as far as I can tell from the outside. Maybe reach out on if the space interestes you for your studies!

Nextcloud has PHP unit testing. IIRC they also had some Capibara or similar frontend testing.

Working on NextCloudPi, I wrote some basic tests in python-selenium. Here they are

In case it is useful. Feel free to extend them!

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