From stack to stack - tracking of card movement

Hi all,

I am using Deck 1.12.2
3 years ago I started using the deck and back then I couldn’t use the “Done” button in one task. Now I have this “Done” button and I nowadays add a due date and click the “Done” button…when it is done.

But for older cards, I didn’t have this “Done” button so I thought I could search in the database, because I wanted to find the date when a card was moved from one stack to the other. Because back then I moved the card from “Current” to the “Done” stack. And I’d love to see when the date was, when the “Done” stack recieved the specific cards.

  1. Am I over seeing something and is this possible already?
  2. Would that be interesting in general, when someone is not using the due date and “Done” button?

Thanks in advance