From Owncloud 10 to Nexcloud 20

Hi Everyone,
I finally decided that I should migrate my owncloud 10 install to nextcloud 20.
But I can’t find anything about the migration from Owncloud 10 to NC 20. I only find migration from OC10 to NC12. Is there no direct path to go from OC10 to NV20?

Do I have to migrate to NC12 and than uprate NC12 to NC20?
All the migration posts are really old, so I could not find anything beyond OC10 to NC12. Any guidance is very welcome, thank you for the info.

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There is only the old migration path. It was regularly updated for newer version until NC 12. After that with newer versions of ownCloud, the migration was not updated. It’s difficult to know what exactly changed between the projects. I would check here and on the migration repository ( if someone already has some experience what paths can work. Problem is that Nextcloud pushed new version numbers for major changes and ownCloud did some major changes within the ownCloud 10.x branch, so be careful which minor version of ownCloud 10 you are using.
If you don’t have more information, make a backup, take some data in a virtual machine and try if you can use a shortcut directly to NC 20, compare if the databases are more or less the same.

Other way, keep your old setup, start a fresh NC 20 installation and migrate data slowly over. With federated sharing, you can interconnect both of them. Depends a bit how much data you have in apps, how important shares and stuff are and how much of it you have. If it is a rather small setup, I wouldn’t bother too much with migration and start new. If on the other end, you have a large setup integrated in your environment, I’d consider the enterprise support that helps with migrations.

Thank you very much for the info. Probably the best to start new.
I do not have a complicated setup. I read the shares are challenging to migrate.
However, for me, I can reshare since it is only for the company and not for external people.

Do you know if the users and data folder can easily be migrated? For me, the main issue is, of course, the files in the data folder and which users they belong too.
Would you agree that if I create the same user names and then simply connect to the old OC data folder they should have all files again?

Then they merely set up the shares again, and all should be fine? My data folder is not encoded, so I guess this should also make things easier?

Thanks a lot of the info.

Best wishes,

create the same user names in nextcloud as they are in owncloud.
then you can copy the /files folder from each user to the user /files folder in nextcloud.

after that you make the files-scan command in nextcloud. after that the files should appear in the web interface with correct size and meta data:

Thank you for the assistance on this.
I will report back. However, I have a strange issue. I installed the default NextCloud 20.0.2 with the default data directory, install was going real smooth, but once I access it, it is super slow. I installed it parallel to OwnCloud on a different subdirectory of my cloud domain. But going from screen to screen is taking 10 to 50 seconds. My server load is not high, and owncloud is loading instantly. It is quite strange. I searched for some forum posts, and most people talk about loads. But this is a brand new install with one admin user on a server that is on a minimal load and the parallel installed OC is super fast. So I need to find out what this can cause. It almost seems like it tries to access something that times out about 50 seconds. Well, I will investigate when I have some time :wink:

Can you share a bit more details, what apps you are using, the caching you have put in place?