Fresh installation, mass copy of folders & files: how to display them in the user's GUI now?

Dear all,

I have just installed a new instance of NextCloud via Docker on TrueNas Scale. All good so far, I have two users configured: Admin & user1

From user1 Nextcloud interface, I have created a folder Photos, which is visible if I browse via the shell on TrueNas Scale:


drwxrwxr-x 112 www-data www-data XXX XXX X XX:XX Photos

Now I have mass copied all my photos from another source to this folder using rsync.

Then I have applied recursive access rights to set owner to be similar to the folder created by user1.

All seems good but when I loggin to user1 Nextcloud GUI, folder Photos is still empty.

Any chance to force detection / ownership of these subfolders and files to user1?

You shouldn’t modify file in the main nextcloud storage around the Nextcloud interfaces (webdav, web interface). You can resync the filecache table. If you want to integrate storage locations that are outside the Nextcloud data folder, there is the external storage app (also usable for local folders).

Try running manual scans for files changes via occ. Otherwise, Nextcloud will not know about your external changes

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