Fresh install won't start Installation Wizard

I’ve got many other php programs running on my server including Zen cart and Gallery with no problems but going to produces a: is currently unable to handle this request.

And my error log shows:

[Tue Jan 23 16:25:50.920434 2018] [:error] [pid 6188:tid 900] [client] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught OCP\AutoloadNotAllowedException: Autoload path not allowed: D:\System\www\nextcloud\lib\private\legacy\response.php in D:\System\www\nextcloud\lib\autoloader.php:134\nStack trace:\n#0 D:\System\www\nextcloud\lib\autoloader.php(158): OC\Autoloader->isValidPath(‘D:\\System\\www\\n…’)\n#1 [internal function]: OC\Autoloader->load(‘OC_Response’)\n#2 D:\System\www\nextcloud\index.php(66): spl_autoload_call(‘OC_Response’)\n#3 {main}\n thrown in D:\System\www\nextcloud\lib\autoloader.php on line 134

Any ideas? After spending many hours looking for a good cloud program I came up with this one and from comparisons, I would really like to use Nextcloud over any others.

Running a WAMP server:
Apache 2.4.27
PHP 7.0.23
MariaDB 10.2.8