Fresh install - how to add storage?

To clarify, I’m a Nextcloud Noob, doing my first setup.

  • Windows 10 PC
  • Docker installed
  • Nextcloud installed through Docker

Here’s my issue: I have an empty 8TB drive installed in that pc that I want to use for my cloud storage. How do I do it?

I’m sorry if this seems like a stupid question, but as I said I am a “Nextcloud Noob” here
Any help is appreciated.

i think all will depend on what you mean by (my cloud storage) and what is going to be stored on it

  • all user data
  • all nextclouds’ data
  • etc…
    in think n off the simple and straight forward solution could be using external storage app to use the mounted drive in docker
    But keep in mind that external storage app may have some drawback in some extensive usages cases if not well planned

Let me clarify, the only storage I want available is the internal 8TB drive. It shows up in Windows explorer, but not in Nextcloud. I want to use this drive (8TB) exclusively for Nextcloud.

You mentioned “external storage app to use the mounted drive in docker”. How do you mount storage in Docker? And do you think that’s the issue?

Have you taken a look at the docker mount documentation here?

That should get you started on how to mount your hard drive in Docker.