Freenas 11.3 fails

FreeNas 11.3
Installed NextCloud as a FreeNas plugin and signed in as root
New jail created
Launched “Manage” page
I am presented with “Access through untrusted domain” and blocked.
The instruction is to update the config.php
Via SSh logged in as root I check the iocage for the installationa and find it
if do a find . -d to see a list of directories displayed as below
./. login
./. k5login
There is no config php file **
** There is no config/config.php


The plugin installed it somewhere on the disk, you have to find out where (unless someone familiar with this plugin tells you). could be something that calls the occ-script, perhaps open the bash-script and you could find the path.

honestky -if you do not have a workable repeatable solution please do not submit rubbish like this simply to get your name on a community. The chat channels are full of poor ill advised comments preventing teal solutions to be found


Oh, I am really sorry that I didn’t install the same environment and started a series of tests to provide a workable solution for you. If you don’t appreciate tips which could lead you to the right solution, you are perhaps wrong here (check out the Guidelines: Happy wait for the perfect solution.

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