Freelancer (paid) required to improve logging

Two tasks here, please, which can be done and payed separately:

  1. To build a patch/a plugin to log directory downloads (directory downloads are done in Nextcloud in a way of creating a temporary zip file - a username, a timestamp and contents of the zip should be logged, as directories content may change with time)

  2. We need to build a report module which will let nextcloud users to access access-download-views logs of Nextcloud through the nextcloud web-interface (there is a formal “business requirements document”, which, of course we will share)


My mailbox is maloff at the server of gmail, or dm me, or reply here please.

Hi, sounds not that hard. How much time did you planned?

Hello Michi,

I need a Freelancer (paid) for my server. May I have your contact? Please.

Hi, sure. You can contact me with this email.

Please let me know which requirements need to be implemented.