FreeDBS - Upgrade PHP80 to PHP81 (NGINX & NEXTCLOUD)

I am currently running mysql80, NGINX and Nextcloud version 25.0.6 on FreeDBS. I am wanting to upgrade my Nextcloud to version 26.0.1 but I need at least PHP81 to be installed. I have tried “pkg upgrade php81” and it appears to work and is running when I use “php -v”. However, the Nextcloud interface does not work as it appears to have issues with NGINX (404 Not Found).

Does anyone have a step by step guide to upgrade PHP80 to PHP81?

Thank you

Normally you install php81. It’s not really an upgrade, you can install it in parallel. Then you need to tell your webserver to use the new version, you have to setup the fastcgi-stuff (in case you use it) the same way like for php80. Not sure if you delete all the php80-packages, if it will use the new php81 packages by default. Also, make sure you have all required packages installed (best is, to get a list for the 8.0 php version and install them as well for 8.1). Not sure excactly how you’d do that with pkg.