FreeBSD support thank you

Last year I switched my server OS from Ubuntu 16.04 to FreeBSD, and upon installing Nextcloud on the server, I was somewhat bummed to see that I was unable to see my memory usage in the admin panel (not supported). However, I am so happy to see with version 13 of Nextcloud that you can now see memory usage in Nextcloud! Yayy!! Thank you :slight_smile:

I put it in the praise section…

I played around with FreeBSD last year and made this small modification to make it work on FreeBSD. Nice to see that people appreciate such small contributions :wink:

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Thanks! I kept looking for the praise section but couldn’t find it! I guess I overlooked since it still exists :grin:

Thank you so much tflidd :slight_smile: I’m going to have to look back at the source. I stared at it some last year too, but my ultimate issue was I couldn’t see what would be the proper alternative to /proc